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Accept Stablecoins Anywhere

On your Website

Expand your payment options for your online customers without the risk of fluctuation.

By email

Create Invoice. Send Email. Get Paid. Using our all-in-one desktop and smartphone solution.

In Person

Accept Stablecoins on your POS or smartphone at your retail store or restaurant.

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Seamless Global Payments

Expand your business by tapping into global customer base.

Instant Payouts

Unlock & redeploy capital back into value-creating business activities.

No Chargebacks

No more expensive chargebacks. Bleumi Pay transactions are irreversible.

Advanced Security

Bleumi Pay uses FIPS 140-2 validated hardware security modules.

Start accepting Stablecoin Payments

Bleumi Pay enables users to make Faster & Secure Global Payments using Ethereum and Stellar Tokens. We recommend fiat-backed Stablecoins; thus there is no risk of fluctuation. With Bleumi Pay get paid in the easiest way possible only for a breakthrough low-cost transaction fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bleumi Pay?
Bleumi Pay is an online payment solution that empowers individuals and businesses irrespective of their location to send and accept quick and secure payments using stablecoins (backed by a currency) for only a fraction of conventional fees.
What are stablecoins?
Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to minimize the effects of price volatility of conventional cryptocurrencies by pegging its value to an asset like a currency (e.g. US Dollar, EURO), or to an exchange-traded commodity (such as precious metals or industrial metals).

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