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Accept quick and secure digital currency payments online (Website, Mobile App, Email or POS).Learn more


Send digital currency payouts to employees (Payroll) or third-party service providers around the world.Explore the Docs


Accept payments or send payouts less than US$10.00 around the world with our microtransaction pricing.

Hosted Checkout

Add our customizable checkout form to accept payments in your application with just a few lines of code and start processing your orders in minutes.

Tap into 10Bn + fiat money circulating in digital currency

Recommended Stablecoins

Accept Algorand, Ethereum, RSK & 1000+ coins

  • - Algorand and any Algorand Standard Asset (ASA)
  • - Ethereum and any Ethereum (ERC-20) token
  • - RSK and any RSK (ERC-20) token
  • - xDai

Accept Stablecoins — No Volatility Risk

Benefits of digital currency with the stability of fiat money like USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, CHF, HKD, SGD, KRW, etc.
e.g. 1 USD Coin can always be redeemed for US$1.00

Why digital currency payments?

Get paid within seconds

By blockchain technology

Payments are borderless

Payments are irreversible

Why Bleumi Pay for digital currency payments?

Non-Custodial Provider

Merchant has absolute control over funds. Payment flows from customer wallet to merchant wallet. Bleumi Pay can never freeze merchant funds.

No Payment Time Limit

Allows customers to :

  • - pay from custodial wallets and exchanges that may delay sending the payment
  • - safely reduce blockchain fee without worrying about time limits

Automate Payment Exceptions

  • - Partial / Split payments
  • - Overpayment
  • - Underpayment
  • - Multi currency payments
  • - Wrong currency payment

Instant Payment Confirmation

Acknowledge payment as soon as the payment is detected on the blockchain network; start processing the order once the payment is confirmed.

Go live in minutes on eCommerce platforms

Say hello to flat fees and goodbye to percentage fees

What you get?

  • Payments & Payouts — 3+ Blockchain networks
  • Plugins — For major eCommerce platforms
  • Hosted Checkout — For Custom Store Application
  • API and SDKs — For Custom Business Model
  • Sandbox — Dedicated Test Environment

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